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Welcome to Celeb Photo Ops Digital Downloads and Image Sharing.

Here is where you can locate and download your professional photo op. Just enter your ticket number & select your show from the drop down list below then hit enter or click submit.

Digital downloads are not part of any VIP package and are only available if you redeemed your “Downloadable JPEG” add-on ticket after you picked up your print.



Digital Download Form

Select the location at which you had your photo taken:

Input your image number

2015 or later: The image number, including the dash, printed on your photo.
2014 or earlier: Your ticket number including any letters, numbers, and any leading zeros.

If your photo op was taken on or after January 1, 2015: Your image number is printed in tiny text on your original photo in the bottom center or in one of the corners. Corner placement varies on image orientation. See the example photos for details.

Corner placement for landscape print.

Corner placement for portrait print.

Bottom center placement.

If your photo op was taken before December 31, 2014: Your image number is the number from the ticket you were given as you left the photo op.

FAQs and Things to Remember:

  • Digital downloads are NOT included in every photo op or for every show.
  • Digital downloads are not free, they are a paid add-on. If you did not pay for the digital download add on, then it will not be posted here.
  • Digital downloads are not included with any VIP experience.
  • If you did not pay for a digital download you may still do so, please just scroll down the page and you will see a payment button.

  • All Social Con Chicago photo ops included a digital download in your photo op purchase.

  • Please remember, do not be alarmed if the photo that is diplayed is not your image. If the large image that is displayed is not your photo, please check any smaller thumbnails that are displayed below the image. If you see your photo, click it to load the image into the page. Normally when there is a ticketing error they are only one or two digits off.
  • Problems with digital downloads: If you have any problems with your photo or the photo that appears is the incorrect one, please simply fill out this form and we will be happy to assist you. As you know, the photo op is a hectic and ticketing errors do occur. We have your photo, it is just a different number than the ticket number you have. If after verifying your ticket number is entered correctly and that your image is not displayed in the before/after thumbnails you still have an issue locating your photo, just fill out this form and we will get your problem sorted out.

  • This form is only for retrieving YOUR digital download only.

  • Finally, remember, digital downloads of your photo op are for personal use only. Celeb Photo Ops reserves all rights to images.
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